Reviews & Testimonials

"Where have Coefficient bars been for the last 15 years? So many beneficial hand placement options. Those notches on the drops are so practical. Endless Gains..."

Ian Boswell

Wahoo Frontiers Project | 2016 Vuelta d'España Stage Winner

"The Coefficient AR's shape encourages external shoulder rotation – a superior position for core & thoracic stability, breathing mechanics, nervous system function & grip strength."

Colby Pearce | 

Pearce Coaching & Fitting | World Hour Record Holder: Masters 45-49 | Pan Am & US National Champion; Olympian

"...I quickly noticed a big change when riding in the drops along a stony towpath. This bar has the most effective vibration isolation of any that I've used..."

Jez Ash |

This episode below tells a great story of fit as well as the science behind the Coefficient AR bar, with former Olympian Colby Pearce.

Craig Dalton | THE GRAVEL RIDE PODCAST | Listen here

"After 3 months, I still appreciate how much better it rides. Every. Single. Ride. I used to spend 80% of my time on the hoods, now it’s like 50% on the tops and 40% on the hoods. Narrow is aero, and the Coefficient bars pocket my elbows naturally at my sides, not like chicken wings in the wind.”

Bill Brissmann

2x 2019 Masters Track World Champion | All-Things Racer: Road, Dirt, Boards

“As a former pro cyclist, I appreciate how subtle changes in position can maximize efficiency and performance. The Coefficient Handlebar relaxes my trapezius (neck) and pectorals (upper chest) muscles and allows me to put more power into pedaling, especially on long climbs. And my elbows naturally rotate closer to my body, to a more aerodynamic position. At the end of long rides, with fewer muscles held in tension for hours, I feel less fatigued.”

Christine Thorburn, M.D.

Rheumatologist | 2x U.S. Olympian, time trial and road race. World Championship Bronze Medalist

“I love the Coefficient bar! The slope and sweep really allows the wrists and shoulders to sit more naturally. This, in turn, is improving my breathing and position on the bike.”

Andrew Randell

2002 Canadian National Road Race Champion | Cofounder & Coach, The Cycling Gym, Toronto

"Good feel when pulling on them while climbing seated. For sure less 'deadness' felt in arms/shoulders. Great extra comfort when on the tops.”

Philip Deeker

Endurance event rider and organizer |

"I have been amazed by how good the tops feel! The thumb notch in the drops is also a game-changer in sprints and on dirt descents. You are definitely onto something really good here!"


BG Master Bike Fitter | International Bike Fitting Institute Certified | USA Cycling Power Certified Level 1 Coach

"To my surprise (I’m skeptical) they really make a difference to my comfort level! I've always ridden in pain but I continue to ride because the pleasure was greater. But...with these new bars, the pain is finally relieved. Growing up La Ganga, there’s a lot of steady climbing, so I’m in one gear. It’s the same going down. This allows me to comfortably stay on the tops, in a position that’s different to being on the hoods. From this, I have less neck and shoulder pain. Woohoo!

I also feel in control on the tops. I never did with any other handlebars. Clearly, I had tops then too 😃but I always felt the bike was wobbly when in the tops, especially going downhill.

I was tired yesterday before I even started out and yet I had a slew of PRs. I was very surprised. The bars? The disc brake not rubbing? A combination of the two? Whatever, I’m happy! 😃

Moltes moltes gràcies!!"

Mike's Mum

“I have been riding the Coefficient AR for the last three months...and just purchased two more! Ergonomically, Coefficient is the most comfortable drop handlebar shape I have ever ridden.”

Richard Bryne

Co-founder & CEO | Speedplay, Inc. |

"I'm never going back to "normal" bars. Everything is right about the Coefficient bars."

Al Clark,

Sr. Director, Kenda Tires North America

"I expected to hate the Coefficent bar, but I love it!"

Katy Giles

U.S. Masters Road & TT National Champion 

"I love the Coefficient AR bar! It performed flawlessly at Dirty kanza!"

Bob Spatta

Gravel Racer

"The most comfortable bar I've ever ridden. Love 'em!"

Rich Sangelli

Skyline Cycling GMBH