Coefficient AR - All Road Drop Handlebar in Black - Coefficient Cycling
Coefficient AR - All Road And Gravel Handlebar - Coefficient Cycling
Coefficient AR - All Road Handlebar rear image - Coefficient Cycling
Coefficient AR - All Road Handlebar front view - Coefficient Cycling
Colby Pearce riding a gravel bike with the Coefficient AR All Road Bar

Coefficient AR
(All Road)
Carbon Handlebar

The Coefficient AR's unique shape and proportional sizing optimize how riders interact with the front of their bicycle.

We blended volumes of anthropometric and ergonomic data with real-world advice from professional bike fitters and coaches, as well as feedback from professional and amateur cyclists. The result is a better handlebar for better performance.


Ideally Suited For

Literally dozens of prototypes are buried in the Coefficient AR bar boneyard. The Coefficient SWOPE (Slope + Sweep) combine to provide a more comfortable and efficient ride that translates to improved performance, especially on longer journeys.

Materials & Dependability

The Coefficient AR Handlebar is moulded using Toray unidirectional carbon fibre and tested to the highest ISO international standards for professional road and mountain bike racing.

Proportional Sizing Syncs Bar Width & Grip Size

Riders of smaller stature generally have small hands. Proportional sizing is all about the grip diameter of the Coefficient AR's tops.
As you’ll read in the chart, a 38cm bar has a much smaller grip diameter than a 44cm bar.

Proportional Sizing & Specifications

Available Sizes (C to C) 38cm 40cm 42cm 44cm
Clamp Diameter 31.8mm
Drop 120mm
Reach 77mm
SWOPE (sweep+slope) Sweep: 16 degrees  /  Slope: 12 degrees
Flare 5 degrees
Drop Width (C to C) 40cm 42cm 44cm 46cm
Crown Grip Diameter 30mm 33mm 35mm 37mm
Slope Grip Diameter 29mm 31mm 33mm 35mm
Clamp Area Width 51mm 69mm 73mm 78mm
Weight (grams) 225 230 235 240

A video review by Guy Kesteven

Installation Instructions


International customers: 

Our love for you knows no borders...but please note that all goods that are imported from the USA into other countries may be subject to import duties and taxes, and Coefficient Cycling handlebars are no exception. Specific amounts vary between countries, so we urge you to check with your government border services agency website prior to ordering, so there are no surprises for either of us. Thank you!