The Science

Cyclologic Testing

 All research is under the direction of Cyclologic Founder & CEO Paraic McGlynn

"The Cyclologic 'SWOPED' handlebar research project will unpack all the science behind why Coefficient's sweep + slope design are revelatory for our test riders and the burgeoning Wave community. We are highly impressed by Coefficient’s focus on validation and interest in Cycling Science and their thirst for truth rather than marketing hyperbole."

​"Coefficient Cycling leadership has given us a clear design brief on the underlying neuromuscular reasons driving the rider feedback already received.  We are looking forward to providing our findings as we progress through controlled, science-based rider testing. We are in the process of studying this new cockpit ecosystem in our MOTIONMETRIQ lab and the San Diego Wind Tunnel."

Paraic McGlynn
Founder & Chief Technologist — Cyclologic & MotionMetriq
Performance Advisor — Trek-Segafredo WorldTour Team

The RR Handlebar Aerodynamic Analysis

Why SWOPE Matters

San Diego Wind Tunnel, February 2021

Coefficient Cycling optimizes real world performance by thoughtfully blending three essential features – rider comfort, metabolic efficiency, and aerodynamics – into every product. This comprehensive analysis looks closely at how the Coefficient RR handlebar improves a cyclist’s aerodynamic position. It includes a  brief company and product history, a thorough overview of aerodynamic testing protocols, and test results.

Cycling aerodynamicist Aaron Ross developed the protocols, managed wind tunnel testing, tabulated the results and wrote the conclusion. Two handlebars were evaluated: the Zipp SL70 Aero and Coefficient RR. Professional cyclists Chloe Woodruff and Evan Pardi participated as test riders. Component-only test results are shared as well.

To read the complete analysis including how the Coefficient RR compares to the Zipp SL70 Aero, click here - opens a new window.
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