Coefficient RR - Road Race Carbon Handlebar - Top Down View
Coefficient RR - Road Race Carbon Handlebar - Frontal View
Coefficient RR - Road Race Carbon Handlebar - Frontal Side View
Coefficient RR (Road Race) Carbon Handlebar

Coefficient RR
(Road Race)
Carbon Handlebar

The Coefficient RR handlebar is purpose-built for riders that race frequently on pavement and/or gravel.​

Free Computer GPS Mount with every RR for every retail customer: Please specify which mount you need when ordering. Please note that RR bars come with a pre-installed Garmin mount. In addition, if you plan on attaching a camera or front light to the handlebar, please be sure to order our custom GoPro mount.

NOTE: Order the same size handlebar that you usually ride. So if you ride a 42, then order our bar in size 42. And keep the same length stem!

RR handlebars are UCI legal. Do note, though, the any use of the middle part of the handlebars as additional point of support will be considered as a violation of UCI Regulation 2.2.025: PART 2 - ROAD RACES (

Note we have a quantity of 44cm bars that cannot be internally routed. These are available in the drop down at a reduced price.


Ideally Suited For: 

Both the AR and RR feature Coefficient aero-ergonomics that make it easier to ride faster on the noon ride or an all-day ride. With a deeper drop and increased rigidity, the RR promotes a more aggressive, aerodynamic riding position. Our patented Coefficient SWOPE (sloping, sweeping bar tops) carries over from the AR to relax your upper body and improve respiratory and neuromuscular function.

The RR Bar is Shimano Di2 compatible. It not only accepts the bar end junction, it includes exit holes for remote shifter buttons in four locations (2 each side) on the underside of the tops. It's also compatible with SRAM Blips.

Computer Compatibility

In partnership with Bar Fly Bike, the Coefficient RR includes your choice of the following cycling computer mounts: Garmin, Wahoo, Lezyne, Polar, Cateye, Bryton, Joule, Hammerhead, Magellan and Mio. We also offer a GoPro camera mount that attaches to the underside of the computer bridge. Replacement mounts can be ordered as well.

Lightweight Materials & Dependability

When comparing handlebar weights keep in mind that the average off-the-front computer mount weighs in at 30 to 40 grams. The Coefficient RR is moulded using Toray unidirectional carbon fibre and tested to the highest ISO international standards for professional road and mountain bike racing.

Road Cycling Academy Coverage

Ride Media's Impressions

Proportional Sizing & Specifications

Available Sizes (C to C at hoods) 36cm38cm
40cm 42cm 44cm
Clamp Diameter 31.8mm
Drop 127mm
Reach 77mm
SWOPE (sweep + slope) Sweep: 12 degrees  /  Slope 15 degrees
Flare 7 degrees
Drop Width (C to C) 39cm40cm
42cm 44cm 46cm
Stem to Computer (C to C) 87mm
Clamp Area Width 56mm
Aero Top Width 43mm43mm 45mm 47mm 49mm
Weight (grams) 305310 315 320 325

Installation Instructions


* Please Note: GPS Unit shown in photography is not included with the Coefficient RR.

International customers: 

Our love for you knows no borders...but please note that all goods that are imported from the USA into other countries may be subject to import duties and taxes, and Coefficient Cycling handlebars are no exception. Specific amounts vary between countries, so we urge you to check with your government border services agency website prior to ordering, so there are no surprises for either of us. Thank you! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
John Stenovec

Bars offer a variety of ergonomic hand positions

peter schoeffer
rr,, they are awesome

got the 44's on my gravel bike for over two years. I just got them in 40's to put on my road bike build,, The design, which allows for so many secure hand positions, is rock solid and damp also. really feel limited on any other type of handle bar at this point , and cant say enough about the rr's thoughtful shape and the level of customer support Coefficient has! Small family mentality, huge heart and brain! classic moto-style swope draws the elbows in naturally too! These go to eleven-

Bill Brissman
My third

I love the ergonomics and features of these bars. New bike, new RRs!


The tops provides to some degree The ideal resting position for the wrist that offers a balance of pronation, supination, ulnar deviation, and radial deviation is one that is neutral and ergonomically sound. This position minimizes excessive stress on the wrist structures and associated nerves, thereby reducing the risk of impingement-related issues such as those affecting the ulnar, radial, and median nerves.

Ryan Kenner

Beware. Once you try these bars you will want them on every bike! They are that comfortable and awesome.

I used these bars for over 4,000 miles in 2023 on road and light gravel. And recently purchased another bar for my BMC slr01.

They have been used on two 400+ mile rides as well as my typical 40-80 milers.

Routing hydraulic cables internally was a breeze and I did not need to change my stem at all.

I highly recommend these bars and love the look of them.