Coefficient AR - All Road Drop Handlebar in Black - Coefficient Cycling
Coefficient AR - All Road And Gravel Handlebar - Coefficient Cycling
Coefficient AR - All Road Handlebar rear image - Coefficient Cycling
Coefficient AR - All Road Handlebar front view - Coefficient Cycling
Colby Pearce riding a gravel bike with the Coefficient AR All Road Bar

Coefficient AR
(All Road)
Carbon Handlebar

The Coefficient AR's unique shape and proportional sizing optimize how riders interact with the front of their bicycle.

We blended volumes of anthropometric and ergonomic data with real-world advice from professional bike fitters and coaches, as well as feedback from professional and amateur cyclists. The result is a better handlebar for better performance.


Ideally Suited For

Literally dozens of prototypes are buried in the Coefficient AR bar boneyard. The Coefficient SWOPE (Slope + Sweep) combine to provide a more comfortable and efficient ride that translates to improved performance, especially on longer journeys.

Materials & Dependability

The Coefficient AR Handlebar is moulded using Toray unidirectional carbon fibre and tested to the highest ISO international standards for professional road and mountain bike racing.

Proportional Sizing Syncs Bar Width & Grip Size

Riders of smaller stature generally have small hands. Proportional sizing is all about the grip diameter of the Coefficient AR's tops.
As you’ll read in the chart, a 38cm bar has a much smaller grip diameter than a 44cm bar.

Proportional Sizing & Specifications

Available Sizes (C to C) 38cm 40cm 42cm 44cm
Clamp Diameter 31.8mm
Drop 120mm
Reach 77mm
SWOPE (sweep+slope) Sweep: 16 degrees  /  Slope: 12 degrees
Flare 5 degrees
Drop Width (C to C) 40cm 42cm 44cm 46cm
Crown Grip Diameter 30mm 33mm 35mm 37mm
Slope Grip Diameter 29mm 31mm 33mm 35mm
Clamp Area Width 51mm 69mm 73mm 78mm
Weight (grams) 225 230 235 240

A video review by Guy Kesteven

Installation Instructions


International customers: 

Our love for you knows no borders...but please note that all goods that are imported from the USA into other countries may be subject to import duties and taxes, and Coefficient Cycling handlebars are no exception. Specific amounts vary between countries, so we urge you to check with your government border services agency website prior to ordering, so there are no surprises for either of us. Thank you! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I'm not a person that's easily impressed, but I have to say these bars have been both amazing and a godsend for someone like me.

At 6'3" I'd been suffering from pain, numbness and tingling in my hands after getting back into road biking several years ago, plus neck stiffness and pain in a torn rotator cuff, especially on long rides. I'd tried a lot of ways to ameliorate these challenges, including probably 2+ dozen different gloves, as well as shortening and using a riser stem, but was still putting too much pressure on my hands, even when consciously trying to avoid gripping too hard.

I'd been contemplating swapping my alloy straight drop bars for carbons ones for awhile, then stumbled on these and figured I'd try them. On my first ride with them (a 40-miler), I noticed a HUGE improvement in my hand issues, conservatively about a 90% decrease, a marked drop in neck stiffness and issues with my rotator cuff (probably around 70-75%), along with a notable decrease in fatigue, while interestingly seeming to help drive a 1+ mph increase in my average speed,

These bars not only absorb rough road vibrations very well, but the design is excellent for encouraging postures that relax your hand, arm and neck positions for more comfortable riding - they're the real deal. I'm looking forward to not only getting years of more comfortable riding out these bars, but taking advantage of using the holes for internal cable routing when it's time to replace shift and brake cables.

Ron Stark

Already have the Road Bars on my Calfee Tetra Pro - Absolutely love the bars.

I put the AR Bar on my Calfee Adventure, while not as comfortable as the Road Bar, perhaps due to it being Round vs. Flat on the Tops? It is still vastly superior to a Standard Road Bar.
It is all about the "SWOPE" and the Comfort it provides. The wrist/ shoulders are placed in a position that reduces fatigue. I also appreciate the shallow drops and the strategically placed indentations at all the correct places. It is worth the upgrade. Another well designed and manufactured product.

Thanks Coefficient.


Swapped out to this amazing handlebar. Customer service was superb in service and responding.


I bought these handlebars last July and they instantly improved my comfort in all riding conditions... Including a weekend later a 200km 4000m day in the saddle. A month ago, I had a catastrophic accident in which my bike ejected from my car rack smashing the bike into the center divider at 70mph and crushing the handlebars (they gave their life to save the bike which is thankfully okay). I reached out to Coefficient and got a discount crash replacement and new handlebars by the end of the week... And bar tape!

The swoops comfort is real, the mid bar hand position is amazing both for aero and climbing and the thumb grips are incredible on descents.

Amazing company and fantastic product. Thank you!!!

Doug Thurston

I'm taller than average and bike fit is important. I'm also in my 60's but I still like to ride long and up-tempo. My bike fitter recommended the AR bars for my custom road bike and it made a huge difference on long climbs and even more on long and fast descents. And the rolling terrain in between was more comfortable too. When I recently bought a gravel bike, the first thing I did was swap out the stock bars for the AR. I plan to race this bike and I'm sure the extra comfort of the bars in all positions will help me get to the finish line. Thanks for such a great product!